1978 – 1999

1978 SEP
Yamagin Corporation founded by Mr. Hiroshi Sato.
1997 MAY
MITI obtains approval to establish cooperative association
1997 JUN
The Japan Used Motor Vehicle Exports Association (JUMVEA) was approved by the Government, and elected Yamagin’s President Mr. Hiroshi Sato Chairman of JUMVEA.
1999 SEP
Exchange memorandum with Union of Foreign Ministry to cooperate to procure and move cars of its officials and employees with foreign assignment.
1999 NOV
Qualified by JICA as 1st class Bidder.

2000 –

2003 DEC
Move Head Office to the present place.
2004 FEB
Yamagin’s President, Mr. Sato has been appointed to the Honorary Consul of Antigua and Barbuda.